Kati Dadá

Hippy Market, 13th of September 2017:
Kati Dadá (World Music,Haitian Music) - live at our tent "La Carpa" at  14 h
She co-founded in 1987 pioneering reggae band from Madrid "Desakato Dada", a group that opened for UB40 and The Wailers, and she was the singer for over 15 years. At that stage she toured the reggae circuit Spain and was part of the production "Igual de distintos" record. Colour song "(1998). 
As voice choir she has worked with many formations mainly reggae (Cañaman, Potato, Kisap ...) and other styles with the Ronaldos, with whom participated in the recording of the cd's "Idiota" (1994) and the live album "Quiero que estemos cerca", recorded at Cinearte Studies in Madrid in 1996, and Rita Marley during her tours in our countries in the years 96, 97 and 98. She has since been showgirl Cameroonian singer and songwriter Justin Tchatchoua Sierra Leone Seydu : cd tour "Diamond Tears" 2002. Creator of the vocal group "Las Lavanderas" with a distance of more than 10 years including festivals such as "Music Celta de Ortigueira". Project converted the family show "Around the World in 10 Songs." Promoter of Haitian music band "D'Akí D'Haiti" (Festival "Vivamérica." Festival "Colours of the World" Festival "Discover Haiti") Workshops creative collective of world music singing "Happy to sing" and "singing Canal. (Festival of ethnic music" Etnosur, "Festival Int." Dance without borders "Summer School" educational action "... ) Social issues and support for marginalized groups have had special relevance among his artistic activities: composed and written to disk "Africa responds to AIDS" initiative AMREF. As an actress-singer participates in the play "The Youkali Project" directed by Miguel del Arco. From 2011-13 she has toured in the Caixa Forum centers within the "Haiti, 34 seconds after" project, illustrating with Haitian songs exhibitions. In 2013 ahe lectured in Secondary Schools narrating her career under the project: "Education in equality": ". Women who have charted its own course" In 2104 she recorded his first solo album "Seeds of Freedom", presented at the Casa de America in Madrid in April 2014.

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La Locanda

Hippy Market, 29th of  May 2019:
La Locanda - live at our tent "La Carpa" at 14 hs
La Locanda is an eclectic band based on reggae, ska and hues of jazz, rumba and drum and bass.

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Sergio XL

Hippy Market, Wednesday, 22th of June 2016
Sergio XL - live; at 14.00 h in our tent "La Carpa" 
Hip Hop (With influences of Reggae / Funk / Rock / Flamenco)

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Jodie Kean & Mal Brittain

Hippy Market Opening - 06.04.2016
Jodie Kean & Mal Brittain - live at our tent "La Carpa" at 13.30 h
Easylistening/country/folk songs.
Covering John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Jeff Buckley and others, as well as playing original songs written by Mal, from his album 'Taking The Ghosts Out' an amazing collaboration with Ibiza based musicians, released in 2015.

What else?

Hippy Market, Wednesday, 18th of June 2014
What else? - live; at 14.00 h at our multicultural tent "La Carpa"
Repertoire of Jazz, Brazilian Pop, Blues .... Our Repertoire focuses on classic Brazilian styles for music lovers of this country (sung in portuguese) Brazilian Standards and also Funky, Samba, Bossa themes ...like "Coisa Feita" (Joaõ Bosco), No Fundo do Rio "(Gingham)," Upa Neguinho "(Edu Lobo)," Light "(Djavan), Dunes (Rosa Passos) ...

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Ras Smaila & Serial Groovaz

Hippy Market, 26th of June 2019, at 14.00 h in our multicultural tent "La Carpa":
Ras Smaila and the Serial Groovaz: Blues, Afrobeat, Rock


La Duende

Hippy Market, 9th of October 2019:
La Duende - live at our tent "La Carpa" from 14.00 to 16.00 hs
Rumba, Fusion - Her music fulfills the hearts and transforms the sorrows into joys.

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The Sweet Life Society

Hippy Market, 17th of August 2016:
The Sweet Life Society - live at our tent "La Carpa" at 14 hs
The two producers of this new music project - Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini - perform live, accompanied by an eclectic ensemble made up of contrabass and wind instruments such as a trumpet, sax, clarinet and flute. They are also backed by two exceptional voices; the black bite of Estel Luz (‘’Dot Vibes’’ and ‘’The Dreamers’’) and that of opera singer Margherita Settimo.

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Norell and the Dub Factory

Hippy Market, 7th of September 2016, 14 h at our tent "La Carpa":
Norell and the Dub Factory - Reggae
hippymarket norell

Is it the first time you have played in Ibiza and at the Hippy Market and what does it mean to you playing in Ibiza and especially at the Hippy Market?
Yes, this is the first time for Norell & The Dub Factory in Ibiza and at the Hippy Market, though some of us have been lucky enough to see the market before and fall in love with the magic atmosphere of it. 
This is finally a great opportunity for us to play our music to people from abroad and make our upbeat music resonate in what is probably the most appropriate location for it.

Are you inspired by the hippie music of the 60ies/70ies?

The hippy music and look has a strong influence on us, for example Norell has always worshipped the amazing vocals and persona of Janis Joplin, while Niko and Akira respectively bassist and guitarist, have a strong connection and respect for the unique style and playing of Jimi Hendrix. 

What does the word hippie mean to you nowadays?

Contextualising the meaning of the word hippie in 2016, we believe that there are some slightly different interpretations and levels of dedication to the pacifist principles of the hippie movement. Travelling and talking to people, we all get a chance to be inspired by different philosophies, religions, ethics and customs, thus the hippies have planted a seed for people from all over the world to stop for a moment and think about their lives, ego and beliefs.

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