El Rostro de la Medusa

Hippy Market, 9 de octubre 2013:
El Rostro de la Medusa - en directo en La Carpa
El Rostro de la Medusa was born in Andorra in 2006 as an experimental fusion-project of electronic music with analogic and traditional instruments, using synthesizer, electric guitar, bass, didgeridoo and electronic sequences.

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Las Rubias

Hippy Market, 16th of October 2019:
Las Rubias - live at our tent La Carpa from 14 to 16 hs
Soul, Pop, Acoustic



Marian Pellegrino

Hippy Market, 17 de julio 2013:
Marian Pellegrino & band - live in our tent La Carpa from 14.00 hs on
The argentinian singer, songwriter and guitarist Marian Pellegrino, has become an international artist, in 2005 won the 4th Cavern Rock Festival which took her in 2006 to play at the legendary scenery of the Beatles in Liverpool, continuing her tour in London, Barcelona and Ibiza.

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Señor Marküsen

Hippy Market, 24th  july 2013:
Señor Marküsen - live at La Carpa from 14.00 h on
Señor Marküsen presents didjeridu along percussion instruments simultaneously played by him, as a one-man-orchestra, or better, as a one-man-soundsystem. Inspired by electronic music, he acoustically builds low-tech, organic beats that move audiences to dance. Marcos Andreu (Señor Marküsen), musician and architect from Barcelona, is one of Spain’s referential didjeridu players. He has developed an informative and educational career on the culture from which the instrument comes from, teaching and performing internationally since 2002.

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Hippy Market, 28th of August 2019:
Flordhiguera - live in our tente "La Carpa" from 14 h to 16 h
Cumbia Cambalache

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Kandela Mi Son

Hippy Market 08.05.2019
Kandela mi Son - live in our tent "La Carpa" at 14 h
Cuban Beats
A charismatic eastern Cuban band that resonate the pulsing and sensuous streets of Santiago de Cuba; where the most popular Cuban music genres including the traditional Son, emanates from.
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Matteo & Bart

Hippy Market 24.05.2017
Matteo & Bart - live in our tent "La Carpa" a las 14.00 hs
Soul, Pop, Blues, Ballads, Funky
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Hippy Market, Wednesday, 14th of may 2014
Tremble - live; at 13.00 h in our tent La Carpa
Professional acoustic duo with Eddie Steijaart guitar and Nadine Roelands singer/songwriter from Zeeland/ NL. The selected pop rock songs are the impressions of traveling around the world for years, playing across all genres. Tremble brings you on a journey of love. Enjoy your trip.
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Miss Luna & Q de Rhino - Ibiza Live Radio

Hippy Market, 28th of May 2014:
Miss Luna & Q de Rhino - at our tent "La Carpa" from 14.00 h to 15.00 h
Miss Luna & Q de Rhino present "Rise & Shine" broadcasted live by Ibiza Live Radio.
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Son de Nadie

Hippy Market, Wednesday, 15th of June 2016
Son de nadie - live; at 14.00 h in our tent "La Carpa"
There is no doubt that Son de nadie would be the perfect band for any type of festival because they merge many styles in their music. Cumbia, caribbean rhythms, rock and many more.
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