Rebeca Gamboa

Hippy Market, 16th of May 2018
Rebecca Boa & Chelu Garcia - live; from 14.00 h at our tent "La Carpa" 
".... multi-talented. An amazingly chameleonic voice, and powerfull freshness on stage.


Hippy Market, 30th of August 2017
Dojo - live; from 14.00 h at our tent "La Carpa"

Is it the first time you have played in Ibiza and at the Hippy Market and what does it mean to you playing in Ibiza and especially at the Hippy Market?
We played our first show at The Hippy Market two years ago and loved it! It’s lovely to play in such vibrant, cultural surroundings with such happy, open-minded people. The market itself is beautiful. So much to see and do.

How would you describe the atmosphere in the Hippy Market? 
The atmosphere is amazing. We played to a sea of smiling, happy faces. So many people loving life and embracing the Balearic vibes. Good times!

Are you inspired by the hippie music of the 60ies/70ies?
Yes! We especially love the music of Bob Marley and the reggae pioneers of the 60s and 70s. You can feel these influences in everything we do, from our message, to our sound, to our look. 

What does the word hippie mean to you nowadays?
Hippy is a state of mind. It’s about moving away from the trials and tribulations of modern life and enjoying the many wonders of our beautiful world. Don’t stress, don’t conform; just be happy and enjoy yourself. We’re on a mission to spread the hippy message to the four corners of the globe!

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The BlacKiss

Hippy Market, 05th of August 2015:
Blackiss - live at our tent "La Carpa" from 14.00 h
Cover Versions ROCK/POP/RUMBA. For lovers of good music and people who like to dance.

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Pizza 4 Brkfst

Hippy Market, 26th of September 2018:
Pizza 4 Brkfst - live in our tent "La Carpa" at 14 hs
Led by Franco Botto and Pere Navarro, with this project they pretend to take jazz as a meeting point between different styles as Hip-Hop & Neo-Soul.

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Hippy Market, 10th of August 2016, 14 h at our tent "La Carpa":
Rajiv - R&B/Pop/Acoustic

Is it the first time you have played in Ibiza and at the Hippy Market and what does it mean to you playing in Ibiza and especially at the Hippy Market?
This is the third time that my guitarist, Andrew, and I will be playing the Hippy Market and we absolutely love performing there. We always manage to draw in a big crowd and get them dancing and singing along, so it means a lot to us. Our trip to Ibiza wouldn't be the same without playing at the Hippy Market.  

How would you describe the atmosphere in the Hippy Market? 
Just by the number of people who attend the Hippy Market, you can tell it will be a great atmosphere. There is so much to see around all the stalls, that where the stage area is placed, it's a great place for people to stop and relax for moment, grab a snack and have a drink. The vibe is always friendly and happy, so I make sure we keep that positive feeling going with the songs we choose to play. 

Are you inspired by the hippie music of the 60ies/70ies?
I wouldn't say that I am directly influenced by the 60s/70s music in the type of music I make, however it does play a part in what we decide to perform at the market. I will always try and fit in a few covers that would lend itself to the more stripped back, authentic feel, so it always feels right doing an acoustic set there.

What does the word hippie mean to you nowadays?
When I hear or think of the word hippie, it makes me think of a more organic, natural way of being, being more relaxed and at ease with life and things around around us.

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Miles Island

Hippy Market, 19th of August 2015:
Mile Winter, Island Beach Funk - live in our tent "La Carpa" from 14.00 h
Miles Winter Roberts is renowned for his uplifting, summer–laced acoustic island sound, no doubt inspired by his early years living on Ibiza.

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Rob Cassels Band

Hippy Market, 24th of August 2016:
Rob Cassels Band - live in our tent La Carpa from 14.00 h 
“Often compared to Leon Russell, Rob Cassels/Castles played piano-driven music with a southern boogie flair. The South Carolina musician says that he became a Christian in 1971 at the age of nineteen when he read one of the Campus Crusade for Christ’s Four Spiritual Laws tracts given to him by a classmate. Prior to his conversion he had been heavily involved with drugs, and as a Christian performer he would sometimes haul a large ball and chain out on stage to testify about the shackles from which Christ had set him free. Cassels frequently played in clubs on the East Coast where he would sing down-home tunes in a broad southern accent. ‘Been a long week working like we should/Work’s been hard but the Lord’s been good.’ His first album, Evening Pastoral, features Steve Morse of The Dixie Dregs on guitar and includes the jazzy instrumental ‘Lunar Trot’ along with such original stompers as ‘Darkness is a Goner’ and ‘Battles Won.’ The title track reveals a more mellow side of the performer. Kamikaze Christian was officially recorded by The Rob Cassels Band, which included Mark Edger, Dave Hosler, and Kent Redd (Morse played guest guitarist again). Advertised as ‘southern boogie,’ the record opens with one of its strongest numbers, ‘You Think I’m Crazy,’ which celebrates the countercultural fool-for-Christ identification Christians often bear in modern society. ‘You Don’t Know’ is bluesy gospel with a touch of the Allman Brothers, and ‘Rebel Yell’ (not the Billy Idol song) features some of Cassel’s ornery humor. ‘Trust in your riches/You’re gonna lost your britches/In the next life.’ For Off the Wall the group updated their sound somewhat for the ’80s with Cassels switching from piano to synthesizers. Straight Shot was rereviewed by CCM magazine as ‘an explosive round of high-caliber rock extolling love, faith, and the peace of God.’”
— Mark Allen Powell, Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music, 2002

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Fran Classic

Hippy Market, 2nd of  September 2015 at 14.00 hrs in our multicultural tent "La Carpa":
Fran Classic – Hip-Pop

It takes some bands a number of years to evolve from fledgling musicians into fully blown performers, but for others all it takes is a few friends, a couple of instruments and a moment of creative experimentation, and for FranClassic it was certainly the latter. Fraser Forbes, Roman Scott and Dan Wheale grew up together in the shadow of the Sussex Downs, each pursuing a love of music in their own unique ways, undoubtedly taking influence from the thriving creative community just around the corner in Brighton.

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Hippy Market, 31th of July 2019:

3GO - live at our tent La Carpa from 14 - 16 h
Soul, Funk, Reggae, HipHop



Tropical Roots Soundsystem

Hippy Market, 19th of June 2019:
Tropical Roots Soundsystem - live in the tent  "La Carpa" at  14 .oo h.
Roots - Latin - Reggae - Ska

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Hippy Market, 28th of August 2019:
Flordhiguera - live in our tente "La Carpa" from 14 h to 16 h
Cumbia Cambalache

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