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Romel and his art
Roberto Mellino is one of the craftsmen you can meet every Wednesday at the Hippy Market. ROMEL is his pseudonym, formed from the first syllables of his name.
Fashion, art and design are the three pillars that give life to his products. Roberto worked 20 years in the fashion industry, when then he came to a point when he decided to find a way of doing his art. He confesses with sadness that today quality and art have been relegated to the background because today it is only important to make business.
After a period of a personal crisis when he didn´t find his way in life, he realized that what he really wanted was to keep creating, but creating things that come out from his heart.
Now he is making his art and creates his own fashion. He is not considering himself as a painter, but as an art designer. He didn’t wanted to lose his passion for fashion and has continued to implement his artistic part in the products he sells at the market.
Everything that he is selling is not only handmade by him but all created and invented by him. He transforms bulbs, key chains or buttons in art works. He loves to give new life to things and confesses that: "What some see as garbage, for me it is a treasure."
He admits that maybe he is not getting rich in selling what it does, but he is having such a good time and people are so excited of what he is creating, and that is what he loves.

What does it mean for him to be a craftsman?
A craftsman or an artist it is not something you choose, for him it is simply a way.
He realized that fashion was no longer made in stores, but on the street.  So 6 years ago he left the fashion business to dedicated himself to do crafts and to create his own ideas. He always liked to break with tradition and establisment, and he realized it.

How does he feel to sell his products in the market?
He chose to sell in the market for two main reasons.
First because of the environment. Beeing able to work outdoors in the nature is a luxury for him.
On the other hand because, without realizing it, he has identified with the hippy mentality.
He says he was surprised when he discovered that he had been a hippy throughout his life, without realiing it until he reached the Hippy Market, where everything was so easy, so normal, so finally ... he found his place.
"When you see 100 people moving to one direction and chose the other one you seem to have a problem, but when you come to a place where evrybody goes in the same direction like you, you realize that you are not abnormal, you've just found your place."

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