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Miriam, passion for recycled materials
Black and gold colors on a turquoise colured background shows us that we have reached the stall of Miriam. Since she discovered the endless possibilities of working with recycled materials, she is now developing different techniques and applications for twelve years.

She works on different types of recycled materials, such as truck tires, zippers, bicycle chains, bicycle tires, sprocket wheels, measuring tapes ... and  everthing she creates she does by hand.

What does it mean for her to be craftsman? 
She tells us that being an craftsman for her is much more than a way of life or a profession, for her to be able to spend her time on what makes her happy is the most important thing.

The craftmanship is her daily life and kidding, she confesses, also her night life. Because she spent the night producing for the market without being able to sleep. 'That's the life of a craftsman' she says with a somehow weary smile.

How does she see craftsmanship today?
As a constant struggle with the industrial market from abroad. Crafts and handmade products can not compete on the market with prices and products coming from big industry companies from foreign countries.

She tells us with worries that we have our future in our own hands, because if we produce and buy everything abroad we all will be left without jobs. "If we would produce and buy in Spain it would be much better and we could not complain about the situation we are living."

How were her beginnings?
Miriam, who lives and produces in Ibiza, studied design at the School of Art and Design in Valencia, and focused her final project to work with recycled materials. She liked it so much that she was increasingly involved so far, that she is now more than 12 years working on these materials to create handicrafts.

What does  it mean to her to sell her products at the Hippy Market?
Before answering Miriam smiles at us with her whole face and especially her eyes, to say simply:
" I love it ".

The Hippy Market gives her the opportunity to dedicate her live for what she truly is passionated about, and that is priceless. Despite the great effort, the lack of economic compensation and sleepless nights it is something that makes you enjoy every day of your life.


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