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Mónica, creator of Hippy Kids
Everyone knows her as Mona and she is the queen of the kids world in the Hippy Market. We sit amongst parents making crafts with their kids surrounded by colors everywhere and she tells us the story of Hippy Kids.

How came the idea of ​​this space?
It all started with her visits to Ibiza ten years ago, and of course on wednesdays to the Hippy Market, but the idea finally came when she becames a mother; she always thought that it is a nice market but because of her motherly circumstances she saw the need that there should be also a space for children.
With this idea in her mind she made a proposal to the orgnaization and thanks to several supports, now she sees her fruits growing, since 2013, three years ago, and always bringing new ideas.

What's it all about Hippy Kids?
It is a space dedicated to families where the fathers and mothers can relax and sharing time together with their children, playing and creating. There are creative workshops with the aim to create a very own special memory of the Hippy Market and take it back to their homes.
But the main idea of the area and in what Monica is most interested, is family integration, or say that the parents and children make crafts together, taking advantage of being in holiday, sharing  time togehter, escaping from their daily routine at their homes where often there is not enough time making things together.

What do the families take with them from the Kids area?
They take a lot more than they think while participating in the workshops. When the parents and children are back at their homes they will always remember that they have been created something nice together, every time they look at their selfmade dreamcatchers or crownflowers they will remember that special day of their holidays.
Hippy Kids reactivates the almost lost hippie ideals, ideals such as peace, love and family unity.

 ¿Wanna spend a good time with your children?


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