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Sebastián, craftsman as a state of life
We surprise Sebastián working on his materials in the bustle of the Hippy Market. His stall is located at the beginning of the Street of Craftsmen and from far away you can already recognise that he loves what he is doing and certainly he is contributive in telling the world how pleasant it is for him to be a craftsman.

When he became a craftsman?
Although Sebastián arrived at the Hippy Market only in 2014 he already 16 years ago embarked on this beautiful profession of being a craftsman and on his way he worked on materials such as silver, bronze, alpaca or leather elsewhere around the world.

What is he producing, how, where and which materials he uses?
He works with leather, which he cuts, braids or whatever it needs, also with metals such as bronze, silver or alpaca and stones brought from around the world. He shows us stones from Peru, Canada or Mexico.

In continuous learning which his profession requires him, he is now beginning to make waistcoats as a new product and he shows us one of his most traditional creations, sus crowns.
Although he works with materials from other places of the world, he elaborates and creates all his works in Ibiza, feeling its energy, believing and focusing on local products.

What means the Hippy Market for Sebastían?
For him, it is an amazing place that brings together people from all over the world, very good music of many different styles, a combination of many cultures.
The most important thing for him in the Hippy Market is the art of craft, the craft stalls, he does not like much the stalls who sell industrial products but fully respects the sellers.
For Sebastián it is necessary to open more spaces around the world like the Street of the Craftsmen at the Hippy Market, as these are arts that are getting lost and will not be found again, something of man´s life that we ​​should never lose.

How he sees the importance of craftsmanship today?
Nowadays people are beginning to realize what craft really means and is, there is a small awake regarding its value, the same like with organic food.

Many people prefer to pay a little bit more, knowing what they buy and not support industrial companies, exploitation or resale.

What does it mean to be craftsman? Is it a way of life?
When you are a craftsman, you dedicate your whole life to this, it is a way of life, you wake up every day and you practice.
He works every day about  seven to twelve hours, either at home, in the Hippy Market or wherever.

Do not miss the street of the craftsmen at the Hippy Market, watch them working live!


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