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Juan Fluxá, an ibizan countryman amongst hippies, opens his heart one Wednesday morning and tells us his passion.

What are you producing, how, where and which ingredients are you using?
I am elaborating 100 % handmade typical ibizan natural products such as: flavored salts, typical liqueurs, sweet chilli ... all with absolute respect for our mother earth and for what she is offering us. I am always looking for innovation without losing good costums and developping new products like our new spicery. We cannot wait to try them!


¿Why you decided to become a craftsman?
It all started with a small distillery at home, my family made ibizan herbs as a lifelong tradition. Juan founded the family business with a clear philosophy "homemade", his passion for the products of the ibizan land, native plants and craftsmanship. Seeking for the approval of the fellow countrymen of Ibiza, he is always present in all craft fairs and events where you can support and defend local products of Ibiza, with the aim to pass traditional knowledge to foreigners.


What does it mean to be craftsman? Is it a way of life?
Being a craftsman means respecting a trade, not to copy, create, meet manufacturing processes, listening to opinions, not to use chemicals or essences or additives ... it means having a natural point of view.


How do you see the importance of craftsmanship today?
The craftsmanship concept was missing in Ibiza was all too easy, so that people stopped producing handcrafted products, now it is recovering and valued again.
Nowadays craftmanship is a great opportunity.


What means the Hippy Market for Juan?
Besides being his first bid to be storekeeper, for John Fluxà Hippy Market means good energy, emotions, tips ... Being in a positive environment, where everyone is happy, satisfied, on holidays or enjoying a walk through the market, feelling the true essence of Ibiza.


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