Graf & Gabri

Hippy Market 21.06.2017
Graf & Gabri - en directo en "La Carpa" a las 14.00 hs
Acoustic Rock Revival Music

Norberto Rodriguez & Massimo Turcatti

Hippy Market, 14 de junio 2017:
Norberto Rodriguez & Massimo Turcatti - en directo en  "La Carpa" a las   14 .oo hrs.
Blues acústico

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Dr. Trapero

Hippy Market, 28th of June 2017:
Dr. Trapero - en directo en nuestra  "La Carpa" a las  14 .oo hrs.
Rumba, Rock, Swing

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Bing Ji Ling

Hippy Market, 5th of July 2017:
Bing Ji Ling - en directo en nuestra  "La Carpa" a las  14 .oo hrs.
R&B, Soul

The nom de plume of one Quinn Luke, Bing Ji Ling is an NYC–based producer/musician with a rich legacy of work behind and in front of him. Having co-produced, written, recorded and performed two full length records, an EP, and a slew of singles, collaborations and remixes, Luke thought the time was right to work with outside producers for the first time. Produced by Embassy Sound Productions (Sean Marquand and Daniel Collas, the men behind Phenomenal Handclap Band and records for Unao Black and Joe Bataan, among others), the album is an infectious, ambitious concoction of Soul, Pop and Psychedelia full of summer jams destined for heavy rotation. Featuring members of the Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Scissor Sisters, Antibalas and Phenomenal Handclap Band, the soon to be released "Shadow To Shine" is a work of stunning, soulful talent, marking the finest chapter in Luke's already accomplished career. 

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Hippy Market, 2 de agosto 2017:
Blueskank - en directo en La Carpa a las 14 hs
When roots reggae is fed with soul, blues and afrobeat, Blueskank is what you get.

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Hippy Market, 6th of September 2017:
Shakatribe - en directo en La Carpa a las  14 .oo h.
Afrobeat, Reggae

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Boogie Street Band

Hippy Market, 27th of September 2017:
Boogie Street Band - live in the tent  "La Carpa" at  14 .oo h.
70ies/80ies Covers

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Miko Weaver

Hippy Market, 1 de agosto 2018:
Miko Weaver (Ex-Prince) - live in the tent  "La Carpa" at  14 .oo h.

Andrea Mir

Hippy Market 11.10.2017
Andrea Mir - en directo en "La Carpa" at 14 h
Neo Soul, Pop
Andrea Mir is a professional, highly sought after singer-songwriter based in Barcelona. Having studied a wide array of genres in her tenure as a musician – both classic and modern – she’s settled on, and finds the most enjoyment playing neo-soul and pop music.
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Hippy Market, 22 de agosto 2018:
4GO - live en La Carpa a las 14 hs
Soul, Funk, Reggae, HipHop


Hippy Market, 18 de abril 2018:
Alpargata - live en La Carpa a las 14 hs
Latin Freak Fusion

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